Welcome to Glasgow Sociology Blog!

Welcome from Dr Andy Smith, Head of Sociology at the University of Glasgow

I am delighted to be able to welcome everyone to the revamped and revitalised Glasgow Sociology blogsite, under the creative stewardship of Justine Gangneux and Minna Liinpaa.

We’ve been doing sociology at Glasgow for nearly half a century (indeed it’s our 50th anniversary in 2018, so watch out for details of events to celebrate that). Over that time researchers from Glasgow have been at the forefront of sociological research across a range of domains, including pioneering projects of work which have helped to demonstrate the causes and consequences of social inequalities, have given us new ways of mapping the actions of the powerful, and have made significant contributions to scholarly, theoretical and historical knowledge more generally.

There’s no short way of summarising a history which is, of course, itself characterised by a plurality of approaches, by a diversity of views and by plenty of moments of contention. Researchers and scholars from a range of disciplines, and particularly from anthropology and criminology, have been a central part of the story, and continue to be a central part of our teaching and research today.

Nonetheless, our strapline is one attempt to identify some common threads in how we approach our work. We are interested in a sociology that is: critical, reflexive and engaged.

Critical, because every sociological inquiry reminds us that the way things are is not the way they have to be.

Reflexive, because each of us occupies a place within the world that we try to understand.

And engaged, because we are committed to the view that sociological knowledge is a public good, not a private achievement.

Above all, sociology is something that one does. It is an on-going practice aimed at making better sense of the social world which we all make possible for each other.

This site provides one space for us to keep practising our sociology, so please get involved by posting, sharing and responding.