Sociology PhD candidates and staff away day in Ross Priory in February 2014.
Sociology away day in Ross Priory in February 2014. Photo by Dr Matthew Waites.

The Sociology subject area at the University of Glasgow comprises of three subjects: Anthropology, Criminology and Sociology. Our aim is to promote dialogue about our research through strengthening links with other scholars (of all sorts) and to reach a wider and more diverse audience by engaging with friends, colleagues and communities outside of the University. We want this to be a space for sharing ideas, inspiring conversation and promoting debate on our work and on the social issues of the day.

We aim to provide a diverse range of open access content including articles, draft papers, details of upcoming events, book reviews, interviews, reports, audio and video clips – the more creative the better.

The Sociology subject area hosts a number of research clusters focusing on crime and justice; disability; ethnicity, race and nationalism; gambling; gender and sexualities; media; and health and wellbeing, and thus brings together experts across different fields while facilitating critical dialogues between both academic and non-academic actors from the UK and beyond.

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