Drawing on the wits and work of the Sociologists, Criminologists and Anthropologists that constitute Sociology at the University of Glasgow,  our aim is to promote dialogue about our research through strengthening links with other scholars (of all sorts) and to reach a wider and more diverse audience by engaging with friends, colleagues and communities outside of the University. We want this to be a space for sharing ideas, inspiring conversation and promoting debate on our work and on the social issues of the day.

We aim to provide a diverse range of open access content including articles, draft papers, details of upcoming events, book reviews, interviews, reports, audio and video clips – the more creative the better. We welcome contributions from Glasgow staff and students (undergraduate and postgraduate) at the university as well as from our friends, colleagues and readers farther afield. Please remember that submissions need not be finished pieces of work – this is an ideal forum for receiving feedback on ideas or early drafts of potential pieces of work. If you would like to contribute or have ideas for the blog please contact us via email: glasgowsociology@gmail.com.

Please have a look at our blogging checklist before submitting your contribution.

Dr. Catherine Happer, Professor Fergus McNeill and Professor Bridgette Wessels representing Sociology at the University of Glasgow’s Open Day in October 2018.

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