Interviews, Seminars and Lectures

Prof Wolfgang Streeck: “Stories of Europe: European Integration and Political Use of Cultural-Historical Narratives” (2017 Frisby Memorial Lecture)

Dr. Frank Mugisha of Sexual Minorities Uganda event recording published, after honouring as Doctor of the University

Sociology seminar: Theorizing African Transnational Masculinities

Scottish Independence, EU Membership, and the Crisis of the British State

2016 Frisby Lecture: Prof. Nancy Scheper-Hughes

‘The Stigma Doctrine’: The University of Glasgow hosts Dr Imogen Tyler

The shared history of black and white Britons

David Frisby Memorial Lecture 2015: Prof Sylvia Walby (Video)

In Conversation with Dr Meredith Rossner about Emotions

Dr Mariam Attia on Researching Multilingually

Prof Nancy Fraser: “Behind Marx’s Hidden Abode: Toward an Expanded Conception of Capitalism” (2014 Frisby Memorial Lecture)

Interview: Dr Mary Holmes on ‘Emotional Reflexivity in Distance Relationships’

Professor Lawrence Wilde on ‘A Radical Humanist Ethic for Global Solidarity’

Professor Erick Olin Wright: “Transforming Capitalism through Real Utopias” (2013 Frisby Memorial lecture)