Research in the Sociology Subject Area at Glasgow focuses on a broad spectrum of social phenomena, including:

Crime, Justice and Security: work on national and global aspects of crime, criminal justice and punishment

Inequalities: work on racism and anti-racism, disabilities, health and illness, gender and sexualities, work and the interrelationships between these issues

Consumption and Risk: work on various kinds of ‘risky’ behaviour, including gambling and drug use

Theoretical and Cultural Research: work aimed at the development of new theoretical insight, as well as historical and comparative cultural research, around questions of kinships, families and intimacy, and critical media research.

The Sociology Subject Area at the University of Glasgow hosts a number of research clusters focusing on crime and justice; disability; ethnicity, race and nationalism; gambling; gender and sexualities; media; and health and wellbeing, and thus brings together experts across different fields while facilitating critical dialogues between both academic and non-academic actors from the UK and beyond.